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My Published Work

These are links to some of my publications. There have been more—some links are no longer live and some articles were available in print only. But this will give you an idea of my body of work and the things I like to write and read about.


Vegetarian Italian: Traditions

World Party: Vegetarian Appetizers, Hors d’Oeuvres and Party Plates



Amaretto: The “Little Bitter” Liqueur from Saronno

Celebrate National Fettuccine Alfredo Day—February 7

Cooking Lessons with Italian Masters

The History, Benefits and Joy of Anisette

Ravioli—Little Bundles of Italian Joy

The Versatile Joy of Sun-dried Tomatoes

Strega — The Witches’ Brew from Benevento

Miscellaneous Food and Travel

Cooking from Around the World, First Stop Argentina

An Evening with Pernod

The Culinary Pleasures of Curacao

Jamaica Me Crazy 

Pass the Passoã

Want to Write a Unique Cookbook?

Using Creative Visualization to Increase Sales

Travel Agent and Luxury Travel Advisor

Eco-Friendly Spas

Phoenix Rising

Regional—and Sustainable—Cuisine on the Road

Have Food? Will Travel


Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Honeymoon Hotels

Summer in Santa Fe

You Go, Girl!


Culinary Tourism

Travelers Reveal Vacation Dreams

Hotel Le St-James

Report from French Affairs in Chicago

Information Today/LinkedUp

Blogs to Book Deals 

Sites for Cheese Connoisseurs 

Virtual Decorating

Wine Pairing Sites 

Express Passport Service: When You Need a Passport in a Hurry! 

Making Travel Plans: The Best Sites for Research and Reservations 

Charitable Donations Online 

Visiting Museums … Without Leaving Home

The Cook’s Thesaurus: Everything You Want to Know About Ingredients 

How Does Your Garden Grow? Sites to make you the envy of the neighborhood 

 Chado, the Way of Tea 

Blanched and Shocked (Natural Gourmet Institute Blog)

Tempeh: It’s Not Just for Vegetarians Anymore

To market, to market: Chef’s Training Student Roberta Roberti reminds us what greenmarkets mean to our city

Cookie Rock Stars: Chef’s Training Program 197W Begins Pastry